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1.International Credit Card Payment

International credit card payment,developed by Fashionpay,is a kind of payment interface which is dedicated to accept worldwide credit card.With this interface,you can accept Electronic payment_any global credit......

2.Domestic credit card payments

Supports domestic RMB and credit card offine payment especially suitable for electronic ticket, travel service,Membership service,telephone ordering......

3.RMB card online payments

Supports online real-time payments function of domestic Banks's RMB credit card and credit card......

4.Foreign currency card onlie payment

Supports online real-time payments of international credit Card,e.g..Visa Card、Master Card、JCB、etc. (including 3D and non 3D cards).

Risk Control

  • 1、128-bit SSL encrypiton of information
  • 2、 MD5 authentication payment interface
  • 3、 The digital signature authentication of transactions returned


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  • 3.How do business websites and individual consumers get online payment?
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